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Chloe Wears:

Minkpink Eagle Tank $49.90

300721 Boots $99.90

Shorts $49.90

Sunnies $19.90

Albian Necklace $29.90

Blogger Image via – Bebe Z

Trafic Belt $39.90

Ne-1022 necklace $19.90 – Online soon

Dark neclace $29.90

Outlaw Shirt $39.90

Wild Short $139.90

Stud Jacket $89.90

Alien Shoes $59.90

Sunnies $19.90

Blogger Image via Linda R

Chloe Wears:

Cycle Belt $29.90

Sunglasses $24.90 – Instore now

Candi Pant $79.90

Fal In Love Bustier $79.90

Shirt $139.90

Jacket $199.90

Peri shoes $119.90

Blogger Image via Shinjuku- Ku

Chloe Wears:

Blaze Jacket $99.90

Epona Shrt $39.90

Pants $169.90

Capture Shoes $69.90

Blogger Image via Veronica P

Chloe Wears:

Stripe Tank $49.90- In Lippy stores now, online soon

PU legging $59.90

Back Jacket $209.90

Shakia Shoes $99.90

Sunnies $24.90

Walt Bag $39.90

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Chloe Wears:

650411 Dim Crew Sweater $89.90

Egypt Necklace $19.90

Lace Stocking $10.00 – Available instore

Clemency Dr Marten Boots $279.90

Rocker Short $89.90 – Online soon, instore now

Sunnies $19.90

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve taken a few of our favorite bloggers outfits as inspiration to style our very own Wild Pair and Lippy versions!


A big thanks to Chloe from Lippy St Lukes for these awesome outfits.


We hope you enjoy! Stay Wild xo