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April 24th, 2014 · All

DIY Terrarium



What you will need :

Clear glass or plastic container

Spoon and chopsticks for placing objects into soil

Paintbrush to brush away loose dirt


Gravel for drainage

Activated charcoal (to keep odors from forming and control moisture)

Small plants with similar needs (i.e, shade, dry succulents etc)

Decorative objects ( if desired) Stones, twigs, crystals etc.




Step 1: 

Choose a container and place a layer of gravel on the bottom for drainage.( I love these geometric glass ones) 1

Step 2:

Add a layer of activated charcoal on top of the gravel

Step 3:

Scoop a small layer of dirt into the container

Step 4 :

Un-pot plants, remove excess dirt from root-ball and loosen roots. Then place the plant(s) in the container. ( Be careful if using Cacti..those spikes hurt! )

Step 5:

Add more soil surrounding the plants, press it down gently then brush away any loose dirt.

Step 6:

Top soil with sand or other decorative soil topper. Add twigs, rocks, crystals ( if desired)

That’s it! You are all done! 

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April 11th, 2014 · All

ARTIST WE LOVE: Katie Rose Clausen

katieheaderfinal2This week we caught up with the lovely artist and fashion student Katie Rose.

Katie is a fabulous 18 year old fashion loving, quirky, vegan girl from Hamilton who has recently moved to Auckland to study fashion. If her designs are anything like her art we are sure she will be a massive success!

1Age: 18

Where do you call home?

At the moment Kingsland, Auckland.

When did you decide to pursue art?

It was a really natural decision for me to pursue art. I’ve been drawing all my life, ever since I could pick up a pencil. My family was always really encouraging of me and my creative pursuits. I have really bad Dyslexia and Dyscalculia so having a creative outlet to pursue is really amazing.24Tell us about your art and what inspires it:

I’m an illustrator and I mostly work in pencil. My drawings are always heavily inspired by fashion and   sub-cultures that surround me, and these influence the way I approach my work. I kind of view my work as every little piece or person that is in my life, being complied into one drawing.7 8 10 11What is your spirit animal and why?

My boyfriend says that it is an Aye-Aye, which is a type of lemur. Because apparently I look like one when I wake up in the morning. But I’m probably a super cuddly slow-loris or a beaver because I like building forts.

Describe your fashion style:

I’m trying really hard to get out of black! (Story of my life). At the moment i’m really into wearing things that don’t match and making it work, as well as structured over sized silhouettes and sneakers ….i’m a little obsessed with sneakers.

What is your lust piece this season? 

Definitely the Alias Mae Bellevue heel, They would fit into my wardrobe perfectly and I can see them working with all my outfits.13Who would you most like to meet? Dead or alive.

There are so many amazing women I wish I could have met or hope to one day! I love Frida Kahlo because she is just the epitome of bravery and beauty but I’d also love to meet Kathleen Hanna, Tavi Gevinson, Sophia Amoruso or Kate Sheppard for all the obvious reasons

146What designers are you loving At the moment ?

Kowtow, Low Classic, J.js Less and Min Kim. They all have a really clean minimalist look and experiment with the silhouette of garments.12What is your best beauty tip? 

Don’t leave the house with one eyebrow, I have done that. I didn’t know if I should wash it off or leave it to show that at least I tried to put effort in. Oh and always remember your brows are sisters not twins.

What is your greatest extravagance? 

My benefits brow kit and shoes…I love shoes5Want to win a piece from Katie? 

Head to our Instagram to enter and you could win this print or a top secret spot prize from Katie. Winner will be drawn at 3pm on 14.04.14katiewinThank you so much Katie for letting us interview you, you are fantastic and we wish you all the best with your art and study.

If you would like to see more of Katies work go check out her Facebook and Instagram 

Stay Wild




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April 4th, 2014 · All

Style Inspo : CAT Footwear



Tough enough for work. Tough enough for the city.

new5 Untitled-3newnew3 new4 new6 1new7 new8 new9 new10 new11 new12 new13 new14 new15 new16 new17 new18 Rollacoaster Blog


Shop His and Hers CAT footwear at Wild Pair here today

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March 27th, 2014 · All


blog header

This week we caught up with our fab Queen St Manager and Stylist, Chloe Adams so she can dish the dirt on all things life and Fashion.


Job Title ..

Manager of Wild Pair Queen Street , Auckland


What is your signature style?

I like to keep things crisp and classic. I have a lot of timeless pieces in the drobe but I just can’t help jazzing things up a bit from time to time!

What is your lust piece this season? 

I can’t get enough of the Unif  ’Pyre’ heels in black! Get on my feet!

blog21What was your latest purchase? 

The Goldie Wasson Jacket, Evil Twin Game Bralet, Unif Mesh Layer Dress and the Goldie Ronnie White harem pant. Divine!

blog6What trend can you not get enough of?

Monochrome. I don’t think this will ever die for me!

What are your Wild Pair must haves…

The Wasson jacket is a staple, the new Lee Riders in gloss are perfect to dress up and dress down, and the siren lex bootie is a must have during the transition from summer, autumn to winter! blog18What rule was made to be broken?

What are rules?!!

Who would you most like to meet?  Dead or alive

Belle Gibson (healing_belle on Instagram) creator of the Whole Pantry App (http://thewholepantryapp.com) she is one incredible woman!blog20

What designer are you loving ATM?

Drew Ginsburg designer/creator of Dylan Lex hand made Swarovski necklaces/stacklaces.

Her jewelry is unlike no other and she has amazing flare and style. blog3What is your best beauty tip?

Tame the brows ladies! Tame.those.brows.blog7What was the best advice you have been given?

Please refer back to the last question. Haha!

What is your greatest extravagance?

Working for Wild Pair. Not even joking

Shop Chloe’s must have items for this season:chloemust

# 1 Goldie Wasson Jacket

#2 Lee High Rise Vegas Jean in Black Gloss

#3 Siren Lex boot

Thanks so much to the always amazing Chloe for chatting with us and showing us around your store. Girl you have Pizazz!







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March 12th, 2014 · All


HEADERFrom heavy leather jackets to skimpy mesh bralets, plaid shirts and oversized bomber jackets – Our new collection has everything you need to air your Dirty Laundry.blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7 Get this look:

Bralet- Game On Bralet  Skirt- Zarah Skirt Jacket- Club Jacket Boot- Belina boot blog8 blog9 blog10 blog11

Get this look:

Bralet – Fall bralet   Skirt – Fall skirt  Jacket- Wasson jacket   Boots- Destiny heeled bootblog13 blog14 BLOG15


Shop the new collection here

Stay Wild


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March 7th, 2014 · All, Fashion

How To Style :

blog 0The Slip-On, they are everywhere, on every fashionistas feet! Including Micah Gianneli, Tash and Elle, Jessica Stein from Tuula, and of course the lovely Mary-K.

The perfect way to style your Slip-On:

The great thing about this shoe is that you can rock them all year around!

In summer team them up with denim shorts and a white shirt for a super comfy chic look.

I personally love them styled with dark layered garments for a winter look – Think wet look jeans, PU joggers, flannel shirts tied around your waist, leather jackets, oversized knits and massive scarf’s.  blog5blog3 blog8 blog4blog7 blog6blog11 blog9blog1 blog2blog10blog12Are you ready to join the trend?

Shop Windsor Smith here –>http://bit.ly/1fW5tjV

Shop Bronx here –> http://bit.ly/1qdcIZk


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February 28th, 2014 · All

Behind The Scenes – The Laundromat


We give you an inside look behind the scenes of our latest campaign shoot – The Laundromat.

The look for this shoot is grungy and dark with lots of Plaid , PU, chunky boots and some bad ass bralettes.


We had such a great day and couldn’t have done it without our amazing team!  A huge thanks to our stunning model Esther Cronin from Nova, Hair and make-up artist Shirley Simpson as well as the amazing guys from Shadowlands - Great work team!

Stay Wild


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February 2nd, 2014 · All



Flourish in bold prints, lace & dark floral’s with our new season collection.

Shop the collection here


done2done7done3done8done6done5done1done9blog shoes

Complete the look with our new season shoes here


Look 1. here                                                                                                                Look 2. here wp2

Get this rad Playsuit here


Shop this sassy Little Black Dress here                                      Flirt it up in this floral number here


Look 1. here                                                                                                           Look 2. here


Get the look here


Love the hem on these shorts! Get them here 

Stay Wild


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January 14th, 2014 · All

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Mousse Dessert

recipe mousse

Recipe Via The Cozy Apron

Cookies N’ Cream Mousse

Bored these holidays or need a pick-me-up to fix those back to work blues?? Try this! It tastes as good as it looks and is super easy to make. Defs adding this to our go to dessert list!

(Makes roughly 6 servings, depending on how much of the ingredients you eat before the finished product is produced…)


  • 24 Oreo cookies, crushed
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 (500ml) tubs ready-made chocolate pudding/ dairy food, divided use
  • 500ml (2 cups) cream
  • 250g  chocolate, to shave for garnish (and keep you going while preparing this pudding :) )


- Add cream to a bowl and begin whipping; once slightly thickened , sprinkle in sugar and finish whipping just until stiff peaks form then set aside.

-In a large bowl, add 2 cups of the chocolate pudding (save the rest- resist eating it!) and begin adding the cream bit by bit, folding in (gently!) to keep it fluffy, this is the “chocolate mousse” part of the dessert; once all whipped cream is folded in set aside and begin the assembly.

Assembly (for 6 servings):

-Begin by adding equal amounts of the crushed Oreo’s to the bottom of each glass (about 3 tablespoons), then a layer of chocolate pudding (equal parts), and next a layer of the “chocolate mousse” (same amount again); repeat this process again for each glass and layer until desired serving size is reached (so, lots), finish with a sprinkle of the crushed cookies (NOM) and get fancy with the last of the mousse mix. Garnish by shaving a little of the chocolate over the tops of each glass; pop into the fridge until ready to serve, or (and we recommend this) eat immediately!!

Soooo. Damn. Good.


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December 30th, 2013 · All

2014- Come at us, bro.

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